Can't Miss Gut Health Links #34

Can't Miss Gut Health Links #34

Cool Research

Nutrients and bioactives in green leafy vegetables and cognitive decline.

The “sweet” effect: Comparative assessments of dietary sugars on cognitive performance.

Effect of probiotics and prebiotics on immune response to influenza vaccination in Adults.

Gum Arabic establishes prebiotic functionality in healthy human volunteers in a dose dependent manner.

Microbiota derived short chain fatty acids promote histone crotonylation in the colon through histone deacetylases.

Interesting Blog Posts and Articles

Eating leafy greens daily may help keep minds sharp.

Science suggests sugar really does have a negative ability on our ability to think straight: the “sugar coma” is real!

Everyday tips for living with IBS.

Bacteria is Best: Why a healthy gut microbiome is key to cancer prevention.

How gut bacteria control your weight.

New research reveals how gut bacteria can control our genes.

Reader’s Digest gives us 7 clear signs of an unhealthy gut.

What happens when we eat fiber?

Podcasts and Videos I Enjoyed

Building a more nutritious smoothie.

Gut Love Podcast on FODMAPS and gastrointestinal disorders.

The brain in your gut.

Helping your body heal from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Recipe Repository

Gobi masala soup aka Indian cauliflower soup.

A low-lactose yogurt.

Paleo breakfast scramble with kale and sweet potato.

Gut-healing blueberry gummy snacks.


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Brad Dennis, Ph.D.
Brad Dennis, Ph.D.
Dr. Dennis is the founder of Great Gut, LLC and is a leading pioneer in formulating diverse prebiotic blends that help to rebalance the microbiome in the human digestive system.

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