Can't Miss Gut Health Links #36

Can't Miss Gut Health Links #36

Cool Research

Rare group of cells in the small intestine could inform development of therapies for inflammatory bowel disease.

Researchers discovered that a fiber-rich diet can have a positive influence on chronic inflammatory joint diseases and increase bone strength.

In mice with accelerated atherosclerosis, inulin was shown to aggravate the acceleration.

Is there a link between the gut microbiota and bone health in those suffering from anorexia nervosa?

A new antibiotic family has been discovered – in dirt!

Causal effects of the microbiota on immune-mediated diseases.

Interesting Blog Posts and Articles

Five ways to use diet to tame chronic inflammation.

15 foods nutritionists eat every day – and so should you.

Ladies, here’s exactly why you get gas and diarrhea when you’re on your period!

Have you been pooping wrong your entire life?

How to know if you’re getting a good workout.

Wondered how those home microbiota test kits work?

Feeling a little blue? Here are six nutrient deficiencies that can affect your mood.

Interesting three-article series on whether the human microbiome can cause cancer?

Podcasts and Videos I Enjoyed

What’s wrong with your probiotic?

Reducing your body inflammation can help you lose weight.

Going for the gut: Tapping the probiotic drink trend.

Apple cider vinegar and weight loss – why it can help.

Recipe Repository

Make your own yummy mascarpone, a soft, probiotic cheese.

Not a fan of oatmeal? How about quinoa porridge with pomegranate?

Or try a buckwheat cardamom porridge!

Grain-free, paleo-friendly walnut pancakes.

Sweet Potato Chili – yes, you read that right!


“The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi
Brad Dennis, Ph.D.
Brad Dennis, Ph.D.
Dr. Dennis is the founder of Great Gut, LLC and is a leading pioneer in formulating diverse prebiotic blends that help to rebalance the microbiome in the human digestive system.

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