Can't Miss Gut Health Links #5

Can't Miss Gut Health Links #5

Cool Research

Study found that intermittent fasting (every other day) can help prevent obesity by changing the shape of gut microbiota.

How prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics affects mineral absorption, bone mineral content and bone structure.

The use of probiotics and prebiotics to improve gut health.

Interesting Blog Posts and Articles

HIT (high intensity training) and HIIT (high intensity interval training) is a great way for those of us with little free time to get our workouts in. Here’s the one thing you must do to maximize your HIT/HIIT workout.

Nice article on gut health from the National Institutes of Health – and it’s available in Spanish, too.

Why chocolate is good for your health.

The benefits of an abdominal massage.

Start to improve your gut health in just one day.

Podcasts and Videos I Enjoyed

Did you know you have millions of neurons in your intestines?

How the food we eat affects our gut and our brains.

Recipe Repository

Instant Pot beef stew with butternut squash

Slow-cooker beef barley soup

Crockpot corned beef and cabbage


I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you. – Joyce Meyer

Brad Dennis, Ph.D.
Brad Dennis, Ph.D.
Dr. Dennis is the founder of Great Gut, LLC and is a leading pioneer in formulating diverse prebiotic blends that help to rebalance the microbiome in the human digestive system.

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