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Taiyo International’s Sunfiber is FDA Approved

Posted by Brad Dennis, Ph.D. on

Taiyo International’s Sunfiber is FDA Approved

Taiyo International’s Sunfiber to Fill Your Dietary Fiber Needs

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been quite active recently in clearing up confusion about dietary fibers and improving product transparency. Back in May 2016, the organization overhauled its standards for food labeling on packaged food. According to the new criteria, only five fibers can be labeled as dietary fibers on food products. The manufacturer of one of our ingredients, Taiyo International, reached out to FDA specifically about its product Sunfiber, a partially hydrolyzed form of guar gum. After reviewing the product, FDA confirmed that Taiyo’s Sunfiber indeed meets the new standards for dietary fiber.

This is a big deal because it clears up the confusion regarding FDA fiber claims and whether or not you should increase fiber intake. Most food and beverage companies don’t add fibers to their products. FDA’s official recognition of Sunfiber is a sort of a green signal to food and supplement manufacturers to use it in their products and formulas as a source of FDA approved dietary fiber.

Products containing this dietary fiber would be far healthier than those that don’t. Guar gum found in Sunfiber reduces blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure and helps prevent constipation and diarrhea. Regular intake of Sunfiber-boosted supplements, foods, and beverages might be the key contributor to healthier lives for all of us, free from cardiovascular and gastrointestinal problems.


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