Oligo30™ Premium Prebiotic Fiber Blend (Discontinued)

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  • Gut

    • Supports good gut flora*
    • Improves bowel regularity*
    • Aids in mineral absorption*
    • Aids in digestion*
  • Brain

    • Supports normal mental health*
    • Helps support normal appetite*
  • Well-being

    • Supports healthy immune function*
    • Supports healthy circulation function*
    • Supports a good metabolism*

Our premium formula, Oligo30™, packs six prebiotic all-stars into a single serving. Kiwi pectin, cocoa polyphenols, mixed with GOS, FOS, XOS in a resistant starch base delivers the broad spectrum of prebiotics your gut bacteria need to regain the proper balance for lasting gut health. Our gut bacteria are living organisms that are integral to whole body health. The health of the microbiome has been tied to more than just digestive health, but to a whole host of other things as well; immune system, mental well-being, allergies, and weight. Get Oligo30™ delivered to your doorstep every month with our convenient, easy to change or cancel subscription and save while never having to worry about your prebiotics again.


Mix one scoop of Oligo30™ with 8 oz of water and shake vigorously. Or use as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


Store at room temperature, tightly closed.


2.85g Orafti® P95 Fructooligosaccharide (FOS)

A prebiotic, soluble fiber that is one of the most soluble fibers in the world. It stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria and is essential for maintaining good balance of bacteria in the colon.

1g PreticX™ Xylooligosaccharide (XOS)

A nondigestible xylooligosaccharide that boosts levels of beneficial bacteria in the human gut and acts as an effective soluble dietary fiber. It also increases bifidobacteria.

1g Bimuno® B-GOS Galactooligosaccharide

A clinically proven prebiotic fiber that also promotes intestinal and colon health as well as providing a satiety effect. It promotes the absorption of essential minerals and helps the body combat increased blood glucose levels by controlling the glycemic index of foods.

3.6g Resistant Starch (from European potatoes)

Resistant starch is a superfood for your gut bacteria. It's been shown to increase fermentation and the production of SCFA (short-chain fatty acids) in your gut. It helps with insulin sensitivity and affects positive changes in your microbiome.

550mg Kiwi Pectin (as Kiwi Powder)

Kiwi pectin is a prebiotic functional food. It has been shown to increase the adhesion of good bacteria like Lactobacillus rhamnosus to the intestinal lining while discouraging adhesion of pathogens like Salmonella typhimurium.

350mg Cocoa (Polyphenols)

Cocoa powder is full of potent antioxidants called polyphenols. A group of researchers at LSU recently found that good gut bacteria like Bifidobacterium asbolutely feast on chocolate, thus giving a cocoa a tremendous prebiotic affect.


If you are pregnant or nursing a baby, ask a health professional before use.

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