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15 Instagram Accounts With Gut-Friendly Food

Posted by Brad Dennis, Ph.D. on

15 Instagram Accounts With Gut-Friendly Food

These days, we can find good recipes that are going to keep your stomach healthy all over the web. Instagram has become a popular place for recipes of this sort, but it can be quite difficult to filter out the best profiles that are in this niche.

We did some digging of our own and this is our choice of Instagram accounts that do outstanding, healthy recipes along with great photography. Check them out!

  1. @thecrunchyradish

If you are looking for a way to create a diverse vegetable diet for yourself then you should definitely check out Miranda Hammer Shear’s Instagram account, The Crunchy Radish. Miranda is a registered dietitian and offers a wide variety of recipes for salads (always with a fresh interesting twist), soups, toasts and even pizzas.

  1. @besmarteatsmart

This Instagram account’s theme is delicious food which keeps your gut healthy. If you are looking for new Instagram accounts to follow, this one actually curates the work of others into a great collection to pick from.

  1. @cafejojo_

Josiane Marquis is the owner of this account and she specializes in making gluten free meals for her Instagram followers. The meals are both delicious and beautifully arranged so it’s really a feast for all the senses.

  1. @coco_lovin

This German blogger is all about a great, healthy breakfast, be it a smoothie or something else. Fruit is at the core of most of her recipes.

  1. @nutritionstripped

McKel Hill MS, RDN, another registered dietitian, this time from Nashville, is doing her thing on Instagram. She offers a stripped-down version of a diet, ergo the name. Salads, interesting smoothies, along with quick health facts and some humourous content is her style.

  1. @kalememaybe

Carina Wolff, a journalism and psychology major, has devoted her food Instagram account to a plant-based diet. In some cases, her recipes are fully vegan, and they are also often gluten-free, so there is something for everyone here.

  1. @thewholefooddiary

If you are looking for an angle to a healthy diet from a family perspective, then this husband and wife Instagram account is the right pick for you. Eggs, pies, desserts; you name it, they do it!

  1. @fitmencook

Your gut’s health can be seriously threatened by a sudden change in diet when you start exercising. Sure, we need to change our diet if we want our training to be effective, but we still need to ensure our digestion is on point. Kevin, the mastermind behind this Instagram account, is focused on food to resolve these issues.

  1. @mynewroots

Sarah B specializes in simple solutions for vegetarians and shows off her ideas with beautiful photography. If you are searching for quick ideas to spice up your meals, this account will do wonders for you.

  1. @wholeheartedeats

Sophie MacKenzie, the brain and skill behind the Instagram profile “Wholehearted Meals” has a lot of great ideas for plant-based recipes in that authentic West Coast style. This Vancouver based blogger offers recipes for everything from burgers to cupcakes.

  1. @gkstories

David Frenkiel, a Sweden-based Instagrammer, does a great job presenting a vegetable diet in the best of lights. He also runs a great food blog in partnership with his girlfriend. The blog’s name is Green Kitchen Stories and you can check it out as well if you like what they do on Instagram.

  1. @thesashadiaries

For those that like baked foods and vegan foods, Sasha Gill is the food artist you are looking for. Vegan cakes, kale scones, and other tasty foods can be found on her Instagram profile.

  1. @ambitiouskitchen

This Instagram account is proof that vegan food can be mouth-wateringly delicious. Monique's Ambitious Kitchen really strives to hold up to the name of the account and, so far, she’s doing a wonderful job!

  1. @sproutedkitchen

This is an Instagram account for the popular blog of the same name run by Sarah Forte. If you are looking for ways to make use of the farmers market, this Instagram account and blog will do wonders for you.

  1. @abdkitchen

This account is the best example of how a PhD student approaches her work. Beautiful recipes for homemade meals that will keep you full and your gut healthy.

These are by no means the only accounts worth checking out. If you didn’t find what you were looking for on this list, do some digging on your own. Instagram is a big place and there are a lot of talented cooks and chefs out there. We are always interested in finding new talented people who can create recipes that keep our gut healthy. We hope you enjoyed our list. Cheers!


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