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3 Habits That Positively Affect Gut Health

Posted by Brad Dennis, Ph.D. on

3 Habits That Positively Affect Gut Health

Did you know that our choices and lifestyle affect the bacteria in our gut?

A team of researchers lead by professor Jeroen Raes has identified more than 50 factors that have an effect on the bacteria that live in our guts and our overall gut health diet. The leading factors isolated from this big group are transit time, health, lifestyle, diet, and medication.

There are other studies that came to the conclusion that our habits and lifestyle choices have an effect on our health overall, both the physical and mental aspect. This is why the results from professor Rees's research don’t come as a huge surprise. What is important, though, are factors that have been isolated.

These put the responsibility in our own hands. We are the ones who can seize control over our habits and make healthier lifestyle choices. Since gut health is linked to many illnesses and other various health issues, these changes will not only positively affect gut health but also our health overall.

Going Outside is Good for Gut our Bacteria

According to Canadian researcher Alan Logan, our connection with nature has many benefits for our health. His studies revealed that disconnection from nature affects gut health, immunity, and mental health. There were no specific factors isolated or a connection made in this research. But, since stress is a factor that connects the outdoors and gut bacteria, this is one of the best healthy gut tips I can offer.

Because of many obligations during the day, people are rarely devoting their spare time to the great outdoors. If you want to have a healthy gut and relief the stress, a simple walk can fix that. You can make it a family event even. “Nature has so many positive effects on all of us, and we should definitely spend more time outside” – Alan Logan says.

On top of that, physical activity is a very healthy part of a good gut health diet. You will produce more of the “happiness” hormone and you will be able to get a good night’s sleep. Let us also add this: studies have connected physical activity and gut flora diversity. Since there are so many benefits from physical outdoor activities, we have decided to place it as the primary lifestyle choice on our list.

Dieting Habits

There are many species of bacteria that inhabit our gut. These communities, or so called bacteria colonies, help us digest the food and drinks we consume. The number of bacteria in communities and their overall diversity is related with the diversity of the food our diet consists of. For instance, the gut flora of the people living in China is completely different than with those living in the USA. Studies have also come to the conclusion that the more diverse our diet plan, the more diverse will the micro world in our guts be.
This is why it is important to be on a gut health diet, and one that supplies our bodies with all the nutrients it needs. Restrictive diets and continues consumption of the same food affects gut flora diversity as many studies show. Many researches revealed the connection of poor gut flora diversity and inflammatory bowel disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Another study revealed that diets that include regular vegetable and fruit intake are beneficial for gut health. Coffee, red wine, tea, and yoghurt have the same effect on our gut bacteria.

Sleep Habits Are Important as Well

Most living things in the nature have their rhythm that goes from active to resting. This rhythm is called the “circadian rhythm” and it is one of the most important factors healthwise. But, it seems that this rhythm extends from the sleep and awake cycle, at least for us humans. Eating at the right time of the day also has a positive effect on our gut health.

Studies show that people who are night workers have a higher risk of experiencing severe metabolism changes that lead to the metabolic syndrome and obesity. And, the last two are also in connection with gut bacteria. As Richard G. Stevens from CNN commented: “A root cause of these human health issues we see on the macro scale may be our gut microbiota and whether or not it is happy”. And we might freely add – and whether or not it had a good night’s sleep.


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