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Can't Miss Gut Health Links #2

Posted by Brad Dennis, Ph.D. on

Can't Miss Gut Health Links #2

Cool Research

 Studies point to our needing microbial gut diversity to maintain good health.

 Free online digestive health summit coming up September 9-17. I’ve got it on my calendar!

 Looking at the possible links between gut microbiota, shift work, sleep loss and metabolic disease.

 You can watch the plenary sessions of the March 2017 Sixth Gut Microbiota for Health Summit here.

 Interesting Blog Posts

 Do you know what’s in your water?

 Just how long does it take for your gut to heal, anyway?

 Got bad breath? Look to your gut for the answer.

 Podcasts and Videos I Enjoyed

 Three tips for buying organic food if you’re on a tight budget.

 How to pack the perfect, healthy lunch for your kids.

 Recipe Repository

 The Food Network offers prebiotic and probiotic pairings in 6 easy recipes for gut health.

 Monash University’s Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences offers this pea and ham soup high in prebiotics


 Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in. – Jim Rohn


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