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Can't Miss Gut Health Links #32

Posted by Brad Dennis, Ph.D. on

Can't Miss Gut Health Links #32

Cool Research

A study has shown that by promoting the growth of gut bacteria, dietary fiber could prevent obesity, metabolic syndrome, and unwanted changes in the intestine.

Scientists are working on a test that will be able to tell IBS sufferers if a low-FODMAP diet will benefit them and alleviate their symptoms.

Researchers have found a potential link between the gut microbiome and cancer-related blood infections.

Phages may be the next weapon in our battle against viruses and superbugs.

Surprising discovery links sour taste to the inner ear's ability to sense balance.

Interesting Blog Posts and Articles

Here’s a list of the fermenting supplies you’ll need before you start making fermented foods at home.

The care and feeding of your gut microbiome.

Why eating fat won’t make you fat – but sugar will.

Gut Geek’s gut health primer is an excellent place to start learning about gut health.

Improving your brain health will boost your immune system.

Tips to getting to know your gut.

Podcasts and Videos I Enjoyed

Food for thought: how your belly controls your brain.

Using the dental diet to reverse dental problems.

Recipe Repository

Garlic-roasted broccoli – easy and great for your gut.

Pumpkin curry with chickpeas – because pumpkin isn’t only for the holidays!

Persian roasted butternut squash soup.


“Instead of thinking of food as the enemy, allow yourself to enjoy the process of planning and preparing meals or going out to lunch with a friend. Stay in the present moment and understand that the purpose of food is nourishment.” – Susan Albers


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