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Can't Miss Gut Health Links #41

Posted by Brad Dennis, Ph.D. on

Can't Miss Gut Health Links #41

Cool Research

Gut microbes from the phylogenetically diverse genus Eubacterium and their various contributions to gut health

Dietary polyphenol impact on gut health and microbiota

Flavonoids and gut health


Interesting Blog Posts and Articles

Five steps to start on the path to better gut health

Navigating a holiday party when you have gut issues

Holidays are rough on the gut – here’s how to keep your gut health on track

The Goldilocks microbe, Akkermansia muciniphila


Podcasts and Videos I Enjoyed

Sugar’s Dangerous Link to IBD and IBS, from The Microbiome Report

Food fears and eating disorders can cause gut problems, from SIBO Made Simple

Copper, Iron and Mineral Balance and how they impact our health, from the Gut Health Gurus

Why Do We Pass Gas?


Recipe Repository

Apple and linseed porridge, great for cold winter days

Vegan overnight oats – oatmeals can make a great lunch, they aren’t only a breakfast food

For an even lighter breakfast, try this kefir, banana and frozen berry smoothie



Enough is a feast.” Buddhist Proverb


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