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Can’t Miss Gut Health Links #56

Posted by Brad Dennis, Ph.D. on

Can’t Miss Gut Health Links #56

Cool Research

Bioaccumulation: common medications–from antidepressants to antidiabetic drugs–can accumulate in gut bacteria altering bacterial function and potentially reducing medications effectiveness.

Metabolic interactions are a key component in shaping the gut microbiome.

The role of probiotics on slowing down the aging process.


Interesting Blog Posts and Articles

Time to build some new eating habits for a healthier gut!

How to support your gut and immune system.

Everything you need to know about post-infectious IBS.


Podcasts / Videos I Enjoyed

Patient Perspectives: Managing Crohn’s Disease, from Cleveland Clinic’s Butts and Guts

Food for Menopause, from The Doctor’s Kitchen.

Are You Doing Everything "Right" And Still Sick?, from The Microbiome Report


Recipe Repository

Here’s a healthy 7-layer dip perfect for snacking.

Try something new with this recipe for Kisir (Turkish bulgur salad).

It’s still soup season, so try this Ginger Acorn Squash Soup.



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